SPRITE Religious Wars

SPRITE Religious Wars - SPRITE Religious Wars Spanish Civil...

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SPRITE Religious Wars Spanish Civil and Religious wars: Social - Dutch hate Spanish because the Spanish are Catholic and the Dutch are largely Calvinist Puritans, The Dutch also want to be a nation state and increase their political power and economic wealth. When Philip reduced power of dutch nobles they had enough and began to fight. Political - Spanish fury is when Spanish troops sacked Antwerp – infuriated the Dutch, netherlands war for independance, Rome sacked by Charles I, spanish armada against England, Philip II marries Mary I of england, inquisition used in low countries. I n the end, theNetherlands (led by William of Orange) became a free country and Spanish Beligium (southern low countries) remained Catholic and connected to Spain. Religious - Philip II tries to spread catholocism , calvinism common in middle class in Netherlands, union of Utrecht creates calvinist union between nothern low countries Intellectual - peter breughel paints spanish fury using propaganda, killing without justification, unions and leagues created to balance of power . Lots of great art from Brueghal, Bosch and others. Technology bigger and more powerful boats used in Spanish armada were defeated by small and fast English ships (and a hurricane) Economical - debt from wars, dutch commercial supremacy begins when they are free from Spain , Spain begins its long slide toward poverty, colonies in south and central america create imperialism for Spain that runs out when the colonies can't produce as much gold and silver as before and when Philip II spent so much money on wars. Inflation was high in spain since they had so much money in supply. Constitutionalism - Dutch Domination S Society becomes a productive place because the economy is good and because the people are hardworking Calvinists, new commodities and spices are introduced to to Europe, people are treated more equal and kindly, and women receive few more rights. Socially, this domination improved the society because of their free time to expand their growth. Money and earned political position determined social status; Universities and schools much more available to a mixture of social classes P The Dutch show Europe that a decentralized constitutional government is very effective in having a good economy and being well dominant, The Dutch political government is stable and effective because of the prosperous times, the government benefits from colonies in the new world which furthers their power Politically, the Dutch got the “power of goods” which enabled them to control trade during the early 1600s. R Religious tolerance in Dutch nation, Catholics still unliked. .. but treated somewhat equally. Dutch prove that Calvinism is a good religion and that it is effective, Calvinist ideas are spread throughout Europe because of increased trade with the Dutch
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especially to France and Scotland, Calvinists are less persecuted throughout Europe, therefore the Catholic Church's power is reduced greatly and Rome and Italy lose a
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SPRITE Religious Wars - SPRITE Religious Wars Spanish Civil...

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