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Women 1450-1750 Social- Women became a bigger part of society. By the end of the 18 th century women were able to speak out about injustices. Also women started to help their husbands with work outside the home, then in the bigger cities women started to get jobs in factories and other places like that. Women’s clothes and fashions also changed through out the centuries. Went from domestic wives to participating in philosophy and reading books, women can have their own money and could control their incomes, worked in family businesses alongside with men, only upper class women felt theses changes, equal merit according to Martin Luther Political- Though a lot of the time women’s opinions were not acknowledged their influence over their husbands political views increased. They also influenced the political system. women still had no rights for voting or control over power, only power they had was within their homes, they made all of the decisions relating to their homes and or possibly salons and small businesses they run for the
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