The Age of the Renaissance 1400

The Age of the Renaissance 1400 - The Age of the...

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The Age of the Renaissance 1400-1600 The Renaissance in Florence Social- Florence changed Europe socially by starting the Renaissance. With the start of the Renaissance in Florence, Ideas spread far beyond its borders, such as Humanism. All of these thoughts originally came from Florence, So the Social Population of Europe was exposed to them, Changing their culture, and Mixing themselves with other people of the same belief. Politically- Florence changed Europe Politically by their various Ideas. Florence worked to get rid of the City State, which helped many more countries form. Italy was originally all City States, But converted to a country once City States became useless after the Renaissance. Religion- Florence was the Center of the Roman Catholic Church Crisis, and after that was lead to believe that Humanism was the culture of the coming age. Ideas- Florence was the Birthplace of so many ideas during the Renaissance. The entire basis to the Renaissance was born in Florence. Humanism, the belief that Humans should come before God, was originally used in Florence, and sparked the Entire Renaissance movement. This certainly had a huge effect on Europe. Technology- Florence was where the first “Dome” architecture was invented. The Dome was used throughout Europe to signify Cathedrals, and even the Goths used the Dome for their various buildings of significance throughout their cities. The Artof the Renaissance S Art was based on humans and not on God, Savonarola died because he told the community to burn their paintings and return to God; Secular women are were seen in paintings for the first time(i.e. "Mona Lisa" by Da Vinci). Art is hung in homes for the first time rather than always in churches. P Art went against the Catholic Church and the Catholic Church got mad at the Kings for their country not following Catholicism R Art was taking the interest of religion away from the people, Savanarollam, burned valuables in the Bonfire of the Vanities in Florence
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I Humanism, Individualism,Classicalism; the Dome in Florence 1
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The Age of the Renaissance 1400 - The Age of the...

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