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reading # 14 - thorugh the Federal Communications...

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The Nonmarket Environment of Google (pp. 25-32) Key to success: efficiency o Ads o Apps o Search Gowth w;as tied to the nonmarket strategy to deal with competition 1. Privacy Encourage people to adquire it beforehand Deal with uniformit privacy laws in different countries Want to encourage minimum standards of privacy 2. Acquisition of DoubleClick 3. European Union Privac Regulations Ch. 2 (pp. 38-39); Google and the Spectrum Auction 1. The Strategic Challenge Provide information to people Revenue from advertiing Expand market toward mobile devices Profit: more profit is recived from mobile advertising Challenges o Develop technology for mobiles o Make dominant cariers support their netweork by not restricting it Goal: national wide network 2. Integrated Strategy Nonmarket enviorment o Conversion to all digital transmissions meant better service o Goal: weaken the control of the dominant carriers thorugh regulations
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Unformatted text preview: thorugh the Federal Communications Commission Market enviornemnt o Deployment of an operating system o New android called GPhone o Opportunities: choose devices, games, tingtones, graphics and so on. Ch. 8 (pp. 239-240) Judicial Actions o Firm is the defendant o There might be a legal action as a component of a nonmarket strategy o Governmed by statur and common law Enforce rights, obtain damages for breach of contract, and address unfair competitive practices under antitrust laws The deter competitors from taking certain actions and to caution the media or regulator or administrative agencies Very costly 1. Organizing of rnonmakret Strategies Full time loobying in Washington DC Hire lawyersm communication experts, former governmental officials, lobbists and analysits 2. Developing a nonmarket capability...
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reading # 14 - thorugh the Federal Communications...

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