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Case Analysis Questions Compulsory Licensing, Thailand, and Abbott Laboratories PSC 244K/W—Politics and Markets: Innovation and the Global Business Environment Professor Primo Fall 2010 Due in class Tuesday, September 28, 2010 Directions: Please answer all of the following questions. Each answer should be at least one paragraph long. 1. Critically evaluate Abbott’s initial response (detailed on p. 604) to Thailand’s decision to issue compulsory licenses. Was this a wise move?
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Unformatted text preview: Was there a better approach? 2. Critically evaluate Abbott’s decision to back down from its initial stance after the reaction from activists and other observers. 3. Suppose that Abbott had maintained its initial stance. What message would that have sent to other countries considering compulsory licensing? 4. What message did Abbott’s decision to back down from its initial stance send to other countries considering compulsory licensing?...
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