Class notes # 6

Class notes # 6 - o Must be willing to negotiate lower...

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Abbots Raised Strategy: Bargain Lowered the price of kaletra and offered to lower its price for alluvia which is a related aids drug The Thai government refused Was this a better move? How should Abbott handle future compulsory licensing issues o Going behind the scenes in lobbying o Be willing to negotiate o Do not be public about this o Pick your battles wisely o Impose humanitarian outreach o Involving the us government o You do not want your prices to go so low to cause problems in other markets The battle between Abbott and Thailand continues Abbott agreed in 2007 to reduce prices on kaletra in brazil The threat of compulsory licensing has changed in integrated strategies of pharmaceutical companies A balancing act
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Unformatted text preview: o Must be willing to negotiate lower prices when a compulsory licensing threat emerges, but not so low that it leads to pricing pressure in developed countries o Can’t always back down if compulsory licensing use is simple unjustifiable, not so clear in the Thai case • International intellectual property adds an additional layer of complexity to an already complex issue • Enforcement of international intellectual property rights is more difficult to achieve than domestic enforcement • New rules on compulsory licensing advantage countries over pharmaceutical manufacturers • Abbott played the game badly initially, but seems to have recovered in its handling of the Brazil situation....
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Class notes # 6 - o Must be willing to negotiate lower...

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