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Class notes # 9 - Google Objectives Understand the market...

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Google Objectives Understand the market and nonmarket environment of a leading innovator Analyze how a fast growing innovative company becomes a target in both the market and nonmarket environment Discuss the special importance of integrated strategy for a fast growing innovative firm Google and innovation Google has transforms how we gather, organize and use information Before the research of a subject was through books, now the first place to look for information is in Google This has been a big change Its growth has been astonishing: o Google was incorporated in September of 1998, hires its first employee o Both creators were done by graduate students at Stanford o Market caps as for today is 173 billion dollars with is 11 th among US corps But its growth is slowing and it laid off workers in 2009 Dual challenges for Google Fast growing companies like Google face two sets of challenges: market and nonmarket Market: maintain growth rates and fend off challengers; How do you keep growing you can just expand in so many areas. Nonmarket: anticipate and ward off threats from o Competitors o Interest groups o entrepreneurial politicians As you grow and as you become important people will want to knock you off The internal debates and the internal struggles in Google are from privacy because there is tension to know the amount of information you can release from consumers. This is ethical and profit wise. Market threats As Google expands into new areas and attempts to grow it o May spread itself too thin, is 150 products too many o Peanut Butter Manifesto: do you have a lot of products that you are not good in any. What is the point of growing are so many areas you have to make a lot of mistakes before actually having success in one. Competitors are gunning for Google
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Class notes # 9 - Google Objectives Understand the market...

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