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homework # 3 - Reading Questions for Carpenter, Designing...

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Reading Questions for Carpenter, “Designing Cartels” Legal Strategies for the Entrepreneur (Guest Speaker: Robert McNamara) 1. What is the primary difference between a titling law and a licensure law? The primary difference between titling law and licensure law is the effect each one. Titling laws are designed to protect the safety and economic interests of consumers as well as Licenture laws. Nevertheless, titling laws do not require individuals to become licensed in order to practice a given profession, nor do they restrict anyone from providing services of any kind. However, people cannot advertise or in any other way represent themselves using a specific title, such as “interior designer,” unless they meet minimum statutory qualifications concerning education, experience and examination. As for the licensure law, in order to work for certain jobs, you need certain studies or years of experience in order to practice the proffesion. This means that the effect of a titling law is to give name accreditation to certain proffessionals who have completed a certain study in the field they are practicing, while the effect of the licenture law is to prohibite the practice of a certain
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homework # 3 - Reading Questions for Carpenter, Designing...

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