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homework # 4 - Reading questions The nonmarket environment...

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Reading questions The nonmarket environment of Google Homework # 4 Isabella Tobon 1. The reading identifies several nonmarket issues that Google is facing. Which of these is the greatest threat to Google’s continued growth as a company, and why? Briefly defend your answer with references to the reading. The founders of google.com have encountered hostility to their enterprise almost since its inception, both in the form of general press criticism and actual legal action. Various lawsuits have included infringement of copyright law; its dealings with advertising companies and in the volume of advertising that its users encounter . But the main nonmarket issue they face is the issue involving privacy issues. Several privacy international agencies and defenders have raised concerns regarding the dangers and privacy implications of Google consumer data. People criticize Google since they think that intimate personal information is a "toxic asset" in Google datacenters because it will lead to government regulation there are also several raised questions relating to Google’s storage of cookies , which is also related to the privacy concern. From this particular issue, Google has faced escalating legal and public relations problems including one in 2010. 2.
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homework # 4 - Reading questions The nonmarket environment...

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