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notes on reading # 4

notes on reading # 4 - Ch 1(pp 1-5 There are two types of...

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Ch. 1 (pp. 1-5) There are two types of strategies a company can have the market strategy and the nonmarket strategy, which refers to the social , political and legal aspects of the environment. Although firms do not have control over the nonmarket strategy as they have in their market strategy, learning about the nonmarket enviorment is very important for the success of the company. 1. The enviorment of Business Market Strategy o Interaction between firms, suppliers and consumers o Deals with markets and contracts o The base their strategy on research and development of new products and services Nonmarket Strateg o Political, social and legal arrangements o Interaction between firms, individuals, interest groups and government o The deal with majority rule, due process, broad enfranchisement, collective actions, and access to the public. o Firms must worr about the enviorment, health, safet, regulations, deregulations, intellectual propert, human rights, international trade
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