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notes on reading # 21 - Chapter 14 pg 451-473 Toys R Us 614...

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Chapter 14 pg. 451-473, Toys R Us 614 to 618 The political Economy of Japan 1. Introductions a. Market strategies are typically adapted to the tastes of local consumers b. Japan in generally homogenous which facilitates the structuring of political and social activity i. Japanese isolation ii. Resistance to immigration iii. The absence of fundamental religious differences iv. Small regional differences v. Uniform national education system c. To understand the political and social status one must look at the cultural and historical explanations d. Interests are the primary driving force of must be the focus of the analysis e. Structured pluralism i. Interests change more rapidly than culture and history ii. Interests motivate the action that shapes business opportunities iii. Institutions intermediate between interests and opportunities 2. Issues a. Deregulation of the economy b. Little success in government efforts to resuscitate the economy i. Principal instrument used was fiscal policy c. Demographic problems: aging population 3. Interests a. Pluralistic as US b. Interactions with government are conducted by peak organizations i. Keidanren: federation of economic organizations ii. Keiretsu: business group iii. Industry associations iv. Individual firms c. No labor movement d. Enterprise unions have evolved the focus on employment specific matters e. Very few activists and public interest groups 4. Institutions a. Modeled after the British parliamentary system i. 47 prefectures each has a governor and government ii. Principal institutions: Diet, the electoral, party systems, and the bureaucracy iii. Constitution: individual rights and a supreme court b. The Diet i. Executive and legislature powers are aligned
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notes on reading # 21 - Chapter 14 pg 451-473 Toys R Us 614...

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