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Notes on reading # 24 - The Political Economy of the...

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The Political Economy of the European Union 1. Introduction a. Established a single market in 27 nations b. Free movement of people goods and services and capital c. Common currency d. 23 languages 2. The European Union a. After WWII need to increase trade and encourage political cooperation b. Treaty of Rome: framework of the European nion Today that established the Eurpean Economic Community which is the common market c. Treaty of Brussels: integration of Europe d. Issue: political integration e. Single European At f. Maastricht Treaty 3. The Single European Act a. Addressed several impidiments to trade and provide measures to facilitate access to national markets b. Increased power of the EU government and limited to use of unanimity rule for decision making c. Removal of three types of barriers i. Physical: movement of goods and people ii. Technical iii. Fiscal d. Approaches of harmonization and mutual recognition i. Harmonization: development of a common set of policies for everyone ii. Mutual Recognition: increased the speed for barriers removal 4. The Maastricht Treaty a. Establish common European currency b. Political and monetary union 5. The European Commisioon a. Executive and administrative body b. Manages policies and enforces treaties c. Ensuring everyone follows the law d. Initiates legislation 6. The Council Miniters a. Principal legislative body b. Councils are individual memebers of the states 7. The European Parliament a. Democratic supervison b. Approves ommisions 8. The Court of Justice a. Supreme judicial body b. Appeals comission’s decisions 9. The EUROEPAN Economic and Social Committee 10. The European Union Legislative Process a. Consultation b. Codecision c. Assent d. Develop regukations and directives
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Notes on reading # 24 - The Political Economy of the...

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