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notes on reading # 25 - f. Mercosur g. NAFTA 4. Trade...

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The Political Economy of International Trade Policy 1. Introduction a. Agreements between countries, domestic laws pertaining to international trade and procedures for administering those laws and resolving disputes 2. The Economic Of International Trade a. Competitive Theory i. Based on the gain from trade ii. Law of comparative advantage is when a country can achieve gains from trace if it produces the goods for which it is relatively more efficient and the other country produces the good for which it is relatively more efficient b. In the absence of trade there is autarky 3. International Trade Agreements a. The World Trade Organization i. International Trade Organization is the ITO ii. Includes the GATTS, GATS and TRIPS b. Trips: INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS PROTECTION c. GATS: general agreement on trade in services d. Doha Round: agricultural subsidies and market access i. Remained uncertain e. Covered trade in goods services and agricultural products
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Unformatted text preview: f. Mercosur g. NAFTA 4. Trade negotiation reflects the desire to open foreign markets while avoiding injury to domestic interests Japan 5. Zoku: groups that intermediate between the interest groups and the bureaucracy. Members of the Diet are members of this too. Important because theu represent interest groups 6. Keiretsu: interlocking networks that include ( long term supplu relationship are frequently augmented by market allocation system a. Mitsui, misubishi and sumitomo that from prewar b. Groups frmed around major banks c. Groups formed around major industrial companies 7. Keidaren: 8. Diet 9. Liberal democratic party (LDP): largest part in japan 10. Koenkai: a local organization that serves to organize and mobilize support for the member. Cultural organization 11. PARC: policy affairs research committee 12. METI: 13. MIC 14. Amakudari 15. Dango...
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notes on reading # 25 - f. Mercosur g. NAFTA 4. Trade...

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