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Chapter 17 Emerging Markets Page 549 to 563 1. Introduction a. ¾ of population live in emerging marketrss b. 90% of population growth is in these countries c. ½ population live in less than $2 a day d. Problems with the rule of law and corruption e. Cultural, ethnic and religious conflicts exists f. High risk comes with opportunities 2. Country Assessment i. Take into account the impact of corruption, divisions within the populace, freedoms, and risks associated with government and policies. b. Individual freedoms: consider political rights with components electorila process, political pluralism and participation, functioning government and civil liberties with freedom of expression and belief, associational and organizational rights, rule of law and personal autonomy, and inditidual rights. c. Economic Freedom: recognizing the relationship between economic prosperity and economic freedoms that include business freedom, financial freedom, trade freedom, dovernment size, monerary freedom, investment freedom, property rights, freedom of corruption and labor freedom. d. Corruption: it is hard to obsere, difficult to measure and hard to eradicate. It affets the economic activity, and reduce the GDP. e.
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notes on reading # 26 - Chapter 17 Emerging Markets Page...

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