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notes on reading # 27 - Chapter 23(pp 749-761 1...

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Chapter 23 (pp. 749-761) 1. Introduction a. Countries differ institutions that govern their political and economic activity as well as in their customs and culture b. Limitations of countries include: legal aspects, health care, education, social service capabilities, poverty, corruption and political turmoil. c. Ethic principles are intended to be universal, d. Five specific issues: i. Cultural and moral standards ii. Human rights iii. Operating in developing countries iv. Company compliance programs v. Questionable foreign payments made to secure sales 2. International Law and Institutions a. International law consists of national laws that pertain to foreign persons, entities and other nations b. Intergovernmental treaties and agreements, rullings by international courtsmm abd actions of international bodies such as the UN or the Orgnization of American States c. National laws include laws pertaining to international tradem official boycotts, and required governmental approval for the acquisition by a foreign firm in the US firm essential to national defense d. International laws differ from domestic law because sanctions may not be credible and enforcement is often left to individual nations e. Firms that operate internationally are subject to the laws of both in their home country and theid host country, and at times those laws can be
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notes on reading # 27 - Chapter 23(pp 749-761 1...

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