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notes on reading # 31 corruption

notes on reading # 31 corruption - Chapter 23(pp 761-771 1...

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Chapter 23 (pp. 761-771) 1. International Codes a. Companies have developed their own codes of conduct for their global operations b. Attempts to establish global codes of conduct have also been undertaken to deal with human rights, labor conditions, the environment and corruption c. Kyosei: living and working together for the common good d. Human dignity:sacredness or value of each person as an end not as a mean to the fulfillment of others purposes or even majority prescription 2. Questionable Foreign Payments and Corruption a. Corruption disorts economic activity resulting in a cost to the economy i. It undermines trust and confidence in government ii. As international trade expans corruption does too iii. Transparency international is an NGO formed to combat corruption iv. The negotiation of an antibribery code under the OECD was a development to stop corruotion b. Questionable Payments and Ethics i. The questionable foreign pay,ets range from outright brides to obtain sales to extortion payments to avoid delays in clearing imports ii. A firm ay be unale unilaterally to change the practive and the payments can be self perpetuating iii. The sources to avoid questionable payments are ethics and law iv. Ethics: focuses on bribery and the justitication for it v. Bride: a payment to an individual in an organization intended to influence
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  • payments, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, private bribery Siemens, bribery disorts, Questionable Foreign Payments

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notes on reading # 31 corruption - Chapter 23(pp 761-771 1...

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