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notes on reading # 32

notes on reading # 32 - d Cellular phones were popular...

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MTN Group Limited (pp. 570-573); presentation on Blackboard MTN GROUP LIMITED 1. Introduction a. Who 1: MTN Group South African wireless telephone company b. Who 2: reliance Communication Ltd, (second largest wireless company in India c. MTN failed negotiations with the largest company in India, they are trying with this one since they want to merge with the company and become subsidiary. d. Both companies have different strengths and operate in different markets e. MTN STREGHTS i. Experienced in serving very poor customers in rural areas 2. MTN Group Limited a. Began in 1994 b. Grew extremely fast c. Operation in Nigeria, Rwanda, Swaziland, Uganda , south Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Cameroon, Sudan, cote d’ivore, Benin, Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Cyprus, Guinea-Bissau, guinea- Conakry, Congo and Yemen
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Unformatted text preview: d. Cellular phones were popular because of lack of land-line communications e. Marketing: directed to people, used vans in rural areas and sold prepaid phones at traffic lights f. Many services other than cellphone usage g. Strategy: build and rely on local talent in operations h. Embraced social responsibility 3. Opportunities and Risks a. Poor transportation and infrastructure b. Low penetration rate of internet service c. No bank accounts d. Price of the handset was too high for people to buy e. Entry of new markets required a license f. Countries that belong to the WTO were required to open the telecommunications industry g. Regulatory system varied in each country h. Major problem was taxation i. Keep infrastructure cost low 4. The Business Combination...
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notes on reading # 32 - d Cellular phones were popular...

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