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Paper 3 Comparing Arguments

Paper 3 Comparing Arguments - Rosales 1 Elizabeth Rosales...

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Rosales 1 Elizabeth Rosales November 29, 2010 Workload 57: Melissa Bender Paper 3: Comparing Arguments America, Yesterday and Today Today in America, we have become obsessed with the idea of fast access to just about anything ranging from fast food, to online purchasing, to social interaction on the go. Now with the click of a few buttons we can not only contact a person, make a purchase, but also conduct just about any research by simply typing a few key words in a search engine. What once took thorough research is now being “googled” in a matter of seconds, no longer the same level of commitment as it did before. Personal “Happy Birthday” wishes that were at one point only delivered through a phone call or in person are now being replaced by text messages and public wall posts, no longer demanding an interactive and sensory driven conversation. So exactly what effects has new technology had on society? To deny the impact technology has had not only defeats the purpose of the new innovations but also ignores the obvious changes it has led to not only in human cognition, but also in human behavior and interaction as well. Nicholas Carr for instance, author of “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” alleges that easy
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