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COM 140 WEEK1DAY5 Bernal I think that Digifast has a lot of potential to be a great company. Along with that I also believe that Digifast has a long way to go and there are quite a few resources that the company would benefit from. One of the most important resources, in my opinion, is adding a cafeteria that provides low cost healthy food. Not only will it help the issue of employees returning late from lunch do to traffic and other situations, but by providing a
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Unformatted text preview: healthier option of food, the company is promoting good health. From a business prospective, it might be a good idea to have a cafeteria to cut back on how much time you provide for a lunch break. If the employees have access to a cafeteria on the same floor as the work place, there is no reason to allow excessively long lunch breaks to compensate time due to waiting on food and traffic....
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