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I believe this article was directed to out of date businesses and also businesses that are just starting up. The purpose the writers are trying to communicate is the importance of keeping up to date with mainstream media and technology. The reason for this is because with the help of blogging and the internet a new business or old business that might be starting to fall under can access exactly what needs to change or what might be wrong with their company simply by starting a blog about your business and reading the comments. Also the writers use great examples of how you can secretly
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Unformatted text preview: or publicly advertise over blogging. The writers organized the information so the reader could first see the positive and then the negative of blogging in the business world today. The purpose of this might have been to keep the readers interested by switching things up a bit and to state some of the do’s and don’ts of blogging or posting in business. Also, this might have been done to somewhat speak everyone’s side of the story. The tone of the story, to me, seemed to be very upbeat. This was probably to keep the reader entertained. Week1Day1 Q&D...
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