Art History - Art Appreciation The Center for Fine Art and...

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Art Appreciation The Center for Fine Art and Photography, located in Fort Collins, Color- ado in the gallery photographs hang at viewing level on muted gray walls and track lighting form above spotlight, each framed photograph. The view- ing room of the gallery has no windows, to take away or distract the visitor. The room is open and spacious, allowing room to move freely and take in the photographs displayed. Faint, music is playing in the background enough to break the silence yet not loud enough to distract in any- way. Animalia, is an exhibit, of stunning, though provoking photographs from a variety of artists. This exhibit, illustrates the animal human bond both in harmony and in destruction. It is an eye- opening exhibit, which may change your perspective. I choose three photographs to discuss. Each photograph I looked at was unique and expressive in its own light. These stood out above the others and gave me a lasting impression. Wheel Well, Carmen Moise i , this photograph captures the eye with many elements. The ab- sence of color, the harshness of contrasting lack of color, black and white, it gives a very dramat- ic appeal. There is a white cat peering up at you, just a glimpse of its face. Leaves you curious, this cat, which is so natural, is in such an odd environment it almost made me feel a bit lost. The lines in this photograph and element of using grey scale, black and white give a dramatic look to this photograph. The graininess to the photograph gives it texture, contour lines, stand out and give the photograph a three dimensional look. Visually, separating the frame are the curved, contour lines in white and the blackness off centered negative space. The top of the photograph
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again another line in more of a soft muted gray, not the stark white of the lower curved rings, and the white of the cat looking up at us slightly off to the left. Moise captured this photograph of a feral cat, in urban landscape. She says there were no ele-
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Art History - Art Appreciation The Center for Fine Art and...

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