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COM 140 WEEK2 GRAMMAR QUIZ - :l'3rsmn1ar and Writing...

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Unformatted text preview: ..::l'3rsmn1ar and Writing Guidesn... — Windews Internet Explorer mywebseamh v m: fitlelidays v 65mileyCentral @kreemwers " *1 are [email protected]@*I'B'WW'E if." e3? t, ...;:GrammarandWr'rtingGuidem... I Clari’g: I To ir . , . . I Parallelism Grammerlosssnf I Cliches Jar on and Cells Uislisms Point: gf‘u’iew I Tran: . . I Skillsnd Drill I Conjunctigns — I Usini Common Errors in English I II.It.lriti Grammar Girl Podossts: Cluiolc and DirtyTios for Etetter Writing Bias-Free Language Plagiarism r. -I_ Plagiarism H! U J_,/ mflflfiw'e Your Quiz Results Information DUERALL SCDRE: 50% {5 of It} Questions Correct} Samples Site 11th:: Writing Style Business Writing Quiz: Bias—Free Language Information Datef'fime Submitted: Mon Jen at 2010 03:51:4F PM English Language Learners English Language Learners Tutorial Writing English for Speakers of Other Languages Wizards and Tutorials Writing Wizards Soft'uirare Tutorials ‘Iul'iew Dur Frequently Asked Questions ' Cnpvtncipbnard ' '9' \fllfll'IIIIIIIE l'-.-'1EEEErigEr 3"- DiEIZIJEEiIZIri: .fiu.‘:-::ia Elf F" ....::|23rarr|rnar an [I ".."'."... ...
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