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COM 140 week 2 online resources pt 2 questions

COM 140 week 2 online resources pt 2 questions - What I...

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COM 140 WEEK2DAY7 ONLINE RESOURCES PT 2 QUESTIONS BERNAL I received some very helpful feedback from the Write Point. Write Point provided me with useful tips on how to rephrases certain sentences and it also made suggestion of other words that would sound better and less often used. I found it interesting when Write Point informed me of words that were too often used such as the word “great”. I thought the most useful part of the feedback was the suggestions on how to rewrite a sentence. This will come in handy when I need my writing to be on target and worthy of an important assignment.
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Unformatted text preview: What I found the most surprising about my feedback was how much feedback there actually was. Once I read all of the feedback I really doubted my abilities as a writer. There seemed to be a better way of writing everything that I wrote. The suggestions were very specific and very useful. Honestly, Write Point put ABC check to shame on Microsoft Word. The suggestions touched every base from grammar to rewriting my sentences. I was very happy to see from the Plagiarism Checker that I had a 0% similarity index, meaning none of my writing matched their resources....
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