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COM 140 WEEK6DAY4 CHECKPOINT BERNAL Many resources have been provided by Axia to help the students format a paper correctly. The resources are extremely helpful and convenient. Many suggestions have been provided for writing an academic paper and I can think of two more that might be useful as well. To do a decent job on an academic essay make sure you set enough time aside to write a draft first. The more work that you put into writing essays; the more you will improve in style, formatting and substance. Another tip to consider is to ask yourself questions about your essay. If your essay can not answer the questions then the essay is not answering your audience’s questions. Two guidelines described in the course materials that I think are most important for formatting is consistent spacing and using appropriate font size and color. A paper can change from academic and professional to childish just because of the color and font you choose. You
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Unformatted text preview: would never write a letter to your CEO in bright pink Joker man style writing so it is not acceptable for an academic document. Consistent spacing is also just as important. A paper can look sloppy with irregular spacing. It will be assumed that you did not write a rough draft or that you did not reread the paper before submitting it. Contrary to what we believed in middle school, bigger font does not mean more writing. Once you get to high school and above, you realize teachers start to require a word count instead of assigning a page count. I do not believe formatting a professional business letter and an academic essay should differ from each other. Yes, the serve a different purpose, but both needs to be understood and meet requirements for a broad audience....
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