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COM 140 WEEK 8 DAY 4 BERNAL Comprehensive Grammar CheckPoint Enter the correct answer for each item by typing A or B in the second column. Provide an explanation for each choice in the Rationale column. The boxes expand to accommodate the text. Item Correct Answer (A or B) Rationale 1. B Answer A is assuming the nurse is a female. 2. A B is incorrect because the statement is sex specific 3. B A is assuming he is nice due to his race. 4. B In answer A there is no logical reason to state his race. 5. A The age of the child is relevant to the subject. 6. B In A them is nothing to show the subject requires the age of the new employee 7. A Stating the disability the child has allows the reader to know what accommodations the child will need. 8. B Answer A is stereotyping. 9. B The second sentence in answer A does not have a subject. 10. B Answer A does not have a subject.
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Unformatted text preview: 11. A Answer B does not state who uttered the scream. 12. A The first part of sentence A can be a sentence on its own. 13. A The word families should be spelled with an “ies” not just an “s”. 14. B The word argument was spelled wrong in answer A. 15. B The word University needed to be capitalized. 16. A McDonalds and December are proper nouns. 17. A It’s is an abbreviation for it is. 18. A There is more than one child attending the party 19. B There is no need for an apostrophe in the word ours 20. B The second apostrophe is needed. 21. B The semicolon is needed after the word Oregon 22. A The colon is not in the right in answer B 23. A The comma is required for answer A. 24. B The commas are placed correctly on answer B. 25. A The subjects need to be separated by a comma....
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