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COM 140 WEEK7DAY5 BERNAL I have never given a Power point presentation before but I plan on adding plenty of elements to my presentation. For my final project my document design will probably be the Moonlight theme with the Verve color scheme. I am choosing to use this theme and color scheme together because it seems very professional yet eye catching. I will use a different layout depending on which slide I am using. For example, for my opening slide I will use the Title slide. On the title slide I will present the title of my presentation, my name and basic information. I am still researching different templates. I will use a template that is business related with a symbol or picture that represents my business idea.
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Unformatted text preview: For the font I will use the traditional Times Roman New. With key points that I wish to highlight I will use bold, italic, underline or possibly a different font all together. I would prefer to use bright colors that will get my audience’s attention. I like bright blues, greens and pinks. On my lighter shaded pages I will use dark colors like black and blue with a bright green highlight. On darker shades of pages I will use lighter colors for my font such as pink, blue, and light green. For graphics, I am still searching for the perfect clip art. I will use a few pictures of food, medical signs and possibly include a graph....
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