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COM 150 WEEK 2 DAY 4 - because I would rather lose points...

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COM 150 WEEK 2 DAY 4 BERNAL The writing process I have read about in this class is different from the process I have used in the past because it is much more intricate than what I normally would do for a writing assignment. The four steps listed not including wrap up, are very detailed. Previously, I would just write a draft and then move on to editing and wrap up. The step in the writing process that would probably be easiest for me to complete would have to be step 3, revising. I am always paranoid about forgetting a simple step in my assignments that could cost my grade easy points. I pay great attention to requirements in my writing
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Unformatted text preview: because I would rather lose points for not explaining my topic well enough versus losing point because I did not meet the word requirement. The step that I would struggle with would be editing. If it were not for spell check, I would be in deep trouble. I am not a strong speller, as much as I like to read I would expect to be better at grammar and spelling, but that is not the case. I could overcome obstacle by using Axia’s workshops and the grammar quizzes to help improve these skills. I would be a more effective writer with better grammar and spelling skills....
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