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COM 150 WEEK 2 DAY 7 ASSIGNMENT BERNAL For the second essay about cochlear implants essay, I would classify it as an expository essay because it describes ideas, objects, and written words about the process of the implants. In my opinion, I think this expository essay is organized by the topic. Most of the essay is centered on describing the topic extensively. It starts with a brief description of what the implant is and then moves on to who can receive the implant and how it works. I believe the author choose this type of organization because it is easy for someone who has no idea what a cochlear implant is to understand. The author pretty much teaches you about a whole new subject for some people. I think if the author would have chosen another organizational pattern for the essay, it might not have been as effective. I say this because this is a subject many people might not be familiar with. The way the author chooses to teach us about the implants was the most useful and convenient. The next essay I choose to read is about how to properly prepare a fish depending on the
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