COM 150 WEEK 6 DAY 7 - COM 150 WEEK 6 DAY7 BERNAL The Real...

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COM 150 WEEK 6 DAY7 BERNAL The Real American Pit Bull Terrier Body Paragraphs. What is the first thought that comes to mind when you hear someone say “I have a Pit bull”? Well let me share the reactions I get when I inform someone this is the breed of dog I own. People ask me if I allow my dogs around kids, if they have locking jaws, and sometimes people do not say anything at all, they just grunt. I would like to address some very common misconceptions that center on this breed of dog. I will discuss the history; give a proper description of the breed, temperament, and misconceptions. When many animal owners contemplate adopting or purchasing a pet, they neglect to do the research and they purchase the breed on what they have heard from other people. Even though the origin of the American Pit Bull Terrier is not set in stone, there are still many proven records of their development. It is believed that this breed is a mix between the Bulldog and the now extinct English White Terrier. This dog was considered to have originated in England during the late 18 th early 19 th century. They were bred when bull baiting was a very popular and alive. This dog was also said to be bred to bring down unruly cattle and help hunt game. Throughout this time period, all dogs that participated in baiting were called “bulldogs”, this phrase also applied to the Mastiff and American Bulldog. Bull baiting was finally outlawed in
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COM 150 WEEK 6 DAY 7 - COM 150 WEEK 6 DAY7 BERNAL The Real...

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