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B e r n a l | 1 Brittanee Bernal July 12, 2010 Week 1 Day 7 This is an article about a man named Nick Naylor who works for a tobacco company. He is debating against Senators about whether or not there should be warning labels on cigarette packages. Nick Naylor uses many types of arguments to try and prove his point. He demonstrates bias, uses fallacies, and rhetorical devices. There are many examples of bias in Nick Naylor’s argument. One example of bias in his argument is the fact that this gentleman used to be the vice president of the Academy of Tobacco Studies. ( Moore−Parker: Critical Thinking, Eighth Edition pg. 163). Nick Naylor uses many different types of
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Unformatted text preview: fallacies in his argument against warning labels. One type of fallacy that is used is two wrongs make a right. This fallacy was used when Nick Naylor accuses the state of Vermont of contributing to heart disease by making cheese. The two wrongs don’t make a right fallacy can also be in the same category as the guilt trip fallacy. He is trying to say that Vermont is guilty as well of having a dangerous product without a warning label. There are rhetorical devices throughout the entire argument. One of the rhetorical devices used in the argument is horse laugh. The horse laugh was present when Nick Naylor started to turn the argument around on the senators,...
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