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Brittanee Bernal COM 220 CAPSTONE QUESTION The first steps I took to begin my research paper were to decide what my topic would be and how could I develop my idea into a research paper. I followed by formulating an argument that my audience would be able to understand. Then I moved on to decide where I would obtain my information from. I continued on with the research of my paper and I began to put the argument into words. My research skills have become more developed in this class. I am now more aware of how to site my work and how to locate a credible source. I have also improved my skill of proofreading my work before I submit. The skill that really came about was the
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Unformatted text preview: ability to utilize resources from the library through the internet. The biggest obstacle I had during this course was the ability to properly cite my work in the APA format. I also struggled with developing ideas and putting them down in words. For my next research assignment, I will spend more time drafting a paper and revitalizing it. If I draft my papers more, then I will be able to correct the misuse of certain words. From drafting more often, I will also learn how to properly cite a paper....
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