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Bernal ETH/125 Many times people confuse Arabs and Muslims between their traditions and customs. There are actually many differences. They are often stereotypes as being together in the same group. Muslims are individuals who practice the religion. Arabs are individuals who speak the language of Arabic and can choose to participate in any religion they may choose. Arabic people generally live in areas like Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq. Muslims live in Asia for the most part. Some of the changes that the Justice Department has implemented towards the treatment of Muslims and Arabic members are the capability to allow the FBI to investigate Americans
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Unformatted text preview: without evidence of wrongdoing. They can go only on a person fitting terrorist’s profile. They can initiate an investigation based on a person’s employment or background if they feel it is “Suspect”. Spirituality and diversity describe two characteristics of orientalism. Hate crimes stem from people who are ignorant and do not understand or value the difference in people and all they want to do is discriminate from something they do not know. The best way to promote tolerance and reduce prejudice, you can educate people to the differences of individuals. There should be more information given about different cultures and races....
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