ETH 125 FINAL - Bernal Race and My Community Brittanee...

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Unformatted text preview: Bernal Race and My Community Brittanee Bernal November 14, 2010 I live in one of the biggest cities in the United States. In Tampa, Florida with over 343,000 people and in my city and surrounding towns the group of people living here is extremely diverse. My city is actually known for being one of the most diverse in the country. The Hispanic community is huge in my part of the state. I would say Tampa is like the melting pot of the United States. We range from White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, and even a large Islamic people that reside in my community. For me the word community sounds so small because here you can go to high school with someone for four years and never come into contact or see this person because my community is so large, so I will speak in term of what I have personally witnessed in my town. I feel like every type of group for the most part is respectful of difference. There is always an exception to the rule, I have never experienced discrimination in my city but both my husband and I have been faced with difficulties in other areas. With such a large variety of people in my city, it can be thought that white people are actually the minority. To continue, there are many differences and similarities between myself and the other cultures and groups here. I have noticed that clothing and style does not differ from race to race but more by individuals. There are so many different styles of clothing and attire here that you cannot distinguish a race or ethnicity based on appearance and attire alone. So for the most pat we all dress pretty similar. One of the most noticeable differences is the color of the skin. In my community there are so many different shades of skin but since I live in the sunshine state many things that the white people have in common is they will carry a nice tan. A very distinct difference between the groups of people here is the type of food we eat. Since there is such a large Hispanic culture here, I will notice many places serve Latin types of food and pastries. The food and the language in my community are just as diverse as the people. You can find any type of food without having to drive far at all. I feel like my city council and local government is also of food without having to drive far at all....
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ETH 125 FINAL - Bernal Race and My Community Brittanee...

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