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GEN 105 WEEK 8 DAY 2/5 BERNAL My strongest intelligence trait was Verbal-Linguistic. To summarize this trait, I would say I succeed at communicating, reading, and writing. I think I am talented with words, when it comes to speaking in public. I understand most of what I learn by reading about it first. LINKS: This link contradicted and reinforced things I already knew about myself. Some of the suggested job for my intelligence type was not jobs that appealed to me what so ever. This site said I like to use fancy words, this is very true. The link said I should pursue a job where I write, I do not agree with this because I am terrible at grammar and spelling so I have very little confidence when I write. This link probably contradicted my personality more than reinforced it, I did notice traits
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Unformatted text preview: I agreed with such as; I enjoy to read and good with public speaking. The traits I did not think fit me where; good at spelling, and enjoy word games. Since I am not a good speller, I do not particularly enjoy word games. This website outlined almost perfectly how to teach me. It says I do well with vocabulary and poetry. This is right on the mark. I enjoy learning new words. The site also says that I enjoy abstract reasoning, which is very true. Like the site says, I really appreciate proper grammar when speaking. One of my biggest pet peeves is when I hear people butchering the English language and not pronouncing their words. I admit I always shorten things when I write a text or instant message but I make it my goal to speak properly....
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