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GEN 105 WEEK1DAY5 - family life suffering A lot of times in...

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GEN 105 WEEK1DAY5 Bernal When I realized that traditional school would not be the right option for me, I decided to look into online education. I was extremely skeptical at first wondering about accreditation, money and several other scenarios. Once I decided to seek information, I called UoP and right away they had set me up with a representative. As she started to describe how the schedule worked, class load and tuition, I started to feel anxiety because it seemed too good to be true. A college that worked with my schedule, I could afford, and I would be getting the same education a community college would provide! I was certain it was too good to be true. I wondered why not everyone was attending school online. My perception of college has done a 180 degree spin. I now have faith that I WILL accomplish my goals of becoming a nurse without my financial and
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Unformatted text preview: family life suffering. A lot of times in messages, texts and other electronic forms of communication things that are said can be misinterpreted. In my opinion the most significant difference between face-to-face feedback and online feedback is how constructive criticism might be taken. When you have face-to-face you can hear emotion and read body language to know what a person is feeling. In online feedback you have to rely solely on what is being said in the text. Some students may feel that the feedback is too critical or not meant in a helpful way because they cannot hear the tone in which the feedback is provided. This is the main difference between online feedback and face-to-face feedback....
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