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GEN 105 Week1Day7 Bernal When I enrolled at Axia College I researched everything from how often I had to log in to how the grading system works. Once I felt comfortable enough with online learning I continued on to tell my family that I was enrolled in school. I received many different reactions. Some family members were skeptical and some were simply curious. I made the decision to describe my learning environment to the best of my ability. I started to explain how I received assignments. When I long in, I go straight to the main forum. In the main forum, I can see important information that my instructor has posted for the students to read and review. There are several forums in Axia College. Another forum the students have access to is the individual forum. In this particular forum, you can post individual assignments or questions that you only want the instructor to be able to access. Alongside with the individual forum, we can use the chat room. The chat room can be used to discuss topics that are off subject and are not
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