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GEN 105 WEEK2DAY5 CHECKPOINT - unintentionally some one For...

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GEN 105 WEEK2DAY5 Bernal Offending someone in an audience is a common mistake that people sometimes make when speaking through a body of text. When you must post a comment or response it is important to consider your audience and to make sure you are using inclusive language. By using inclusive language, you are including everyone in your audience and not excluding people. If you avoid referring to a whole group as just men or guys, you eliminate the possibility of making women feel excluded. A way you can avoid making other mistakes is by remembering the point you are trying to pass on to other people and who your audience is. In the future try not to refer to any group as a single sex. Remember to always take into consideration that both males and females might be reading your posts. Another mistake you might not want to make is insulting, even
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Unformatted text preview: unintentionally, some one. For example, try not to use unprofessional language such as corny, dumb, stupid etc. These words and similar words can be mistaken as rude and insulting. You never know just who might read a comment you have posted. Just keep in mind you never know exactly just how far your audience can spread. Referring to a manager or someone who is in an authorative position as “good old boys” might not be taken as respectful. Therefore when posting something about a boss or manager, make sure it is using their proper title. They earned the title and deserve to be referred to as so. If you keep these tips and suggestions in mind you have a better chance of not offending your audience....
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