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GEN 105 - able to listen to some of them versus reading all...

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GEN 105 WEEK3DAY4 BERNAL There are three main resources available for your use in the Axia Online College. Aside from Write Point and Plagiarism Checker, we also have the Guides and Tutorials section along with the helpful link References and Citation Generator. The Guides and Tutorials section provides information about how to improve grammar and writing skills. This section also includes examples of student essays. This is where you will find the links for the Reference and Citation Generator. Included as well is the Thesis Statement Generator. Another very useful resource is the audio appendixes. The way it is most portable is you can listen to them at any time, such as when you are cleaning or even driving. Students today learn in many different ways. As for me an auditory is the best way I learn. Audio appendixes come in handy so I am
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Unformatted text preview: able to listen to some of them versus reading all of them. All of the resources will certainly help develop my learning and studying skills. I will get much use out of the Tutorial section. The digital stories are an amazing idea and a great leaning device for students that are visual learners. These resources are very portable for me because I have an Iphone. It is simple for me to pull up anything on the site to my cell phone. If I am on the go and I remembered I have an assignment due and I need to look at the materials I need to complete the assignment, I just pull the materials section on my Iphone. I do believe these resources help me learn in different ways but also provide the materials for me to feel like I am receiving an in class education....
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