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GEN 105 WEEK4DAY5 BERNAL After submitting the paper to the Plagiarism Checker, I waited for the results. Once I received the results, I reviewed them very carefully. There were many things to look at on the review. One of the first things that I noticed was on my Turnitin Originality Report the similarity index was one hundred percent. This is a number you would never want to see after submitting a paper. The number one hundred percent means that one hundred percent of my writing elsewhere exists. It could be either in a journal, article or another student’s paper. If you receive a score that high, it will be assumed that you knowingly plagiarized all of the assignment. The similarity index also breaks up the percentages into three categories such as; internet sources, publications, and student papers. For example, one hundred percent of my paper came from an internet source and sixty-four percent of my paper matched publications somewhere. Aside from plagiarism tools, the Turnitin Originality Report also offers a word count. There is a
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