GEN 105 week5day7 - G EN 105 WEEK5DAY7 B ERNAL Skills...

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GEN 105 WEEK5DAY7 BERNAL Skills Needed For My Career If a tree falls in a forest and there’s no one there to hear it, does it make it a sound?” –anonymous. Similarly, I don’t strive to help others for the purpose of recognition, but rather to better the world and make a positive difference. This is the ultimate reason is why becoming a Registered Nurse is my goal. To be more specific, I am working towards my goal of becoming a registered nurse and I would like to work in the trauma unit. There are so many aspects to being a great nurse other than just knowing how to provide medical care to patients. A few skills required for nursing would include patient communication and cultural sensitivity. One of the most obvious skills needed is understanding medical care, such as; treating injuries, administering medication, and knowing how to properly document. I posses a few of the required skills already but there is much more schooling needed to posses all of them. Some of the skills can be taught and some of them must come naturally. I have a very high goal set for myself. My goal is to become a registered nurse.
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GEN 105 week5day7 - G EN 105 WEEK5DAY7 B ERNAL Skills...

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