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GEN 105 WEEK 7 DAY 4 BERNAL After I reviewed the formula for calculating how fast you read, I noticed how simple it is to figure out your reading speed. If I used the formula correctly, my reading speed is 303 words per minute. The reading consisted of some very useful information. How to calculate your reading speed. How to improve your word per minute reading speed. The reading describes how to comprehend the vocabulary in materials that you are reading. Main Points from 8 Secrets to a Knockout Business Presentation: The article focuses on not allowing your audience to become uninterested in your presentation The article provides information on how to make proper use of a Power Point presentation There is a small paragraph about how you should practice the delivery of your presentation over and over until you have cleared all the bugs out. My approach to reading this article was not much different from my approach to reading any
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Unformatted text preview: business related article. I was interested to see the author explain how to keep a business presentation interesting without being unprofessional. My setting when I was reading this article was very relaxed and I had a few noises in the background. I have a more difficult time reading in complete silence because my mind starts to wonder. I like to have a quite hum of a television or talking. I prefer to have a small distraction, but for major distraction such as my dogs, I make sure they are taken care of before I attempt an assignment. I cannot say that I became emotionally involved with this particular article because it was not on a subject I feel extremely passionate about. Vocabulary: • From the Secrets to a Knockout Business Presentation there were no words that stood out to me as being new....
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