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HCA 210 WEEK 1 DAY 5 CHECKPOINT AMBULATORY CARE BERNAL There is no denying that due to advances in technology and the rising cost of healthcare, many inpatient procedures are now out sourced to outpatient clinics. There are many purposes to ambulatory care. One of the main purposes to ambulatory care is to provide a medical service to patients at a lower cost compared to a traditional acute care hospital. The ambulatory clinics provide outpatient surgeries, lab work, and many other services like chiropractic and dentistry. In my opinion, I do believe that ambulatory care is changing society’s view on health care today. Due to the amount of procedures now performed outside of an actual hospital, I believe people are not taking their care as serious. Today in society, I notice more and more people are
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Unformatted text preview: receiving plastic surgery such as breast augmentation in outpatient clinics even though this procedure is still very serious and has many risks associated with it. The problem with outpatient clinics is that sometimes these clinics can be run by someone who is not qualified for the specific service they are providing, such as an orthopedic surgeon performing Liposuction and Botox. I do think that ambulatory care is important but there is room for improvement. Things that can be done to improve ambulatory care include; not making the clinics about saving money but rather about providing a service to the best of the providers ability, making sure no procedure is rushed and patients are not released before they are ready so the clinic has more space....
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