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HCA 210 BERNAL WEEK 2 DAY 5 CHECKPOINT Sometimes it is hard to distinguish between some of the organizations such as profit, non- profit and a government facility. A government facility that is in my community is the clinic I currently attend. It is a military clinic located off base for the conveinence of military members that live further from base. A profit facility that is located in my city is Tampa General Hospital. A non- profit organization in Tampa is the Tampa Community Health Clinic. The population in Tampa General is by far the greatest. The other clinics do not see as many patients as the profit organization. I have never personally attended a non-profit clinic but in the Government facility
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Unformatted text preview: the population is small. I have been to Tampa General and I think the service at the smaller clinics is more personalized and intimate. There are fewer physicians and fewer nurses so it is less likely to have different people taking care of you every time you go to the clinic. I believe the one benefit of a bigger profit organization is the funding and technology. The unfortunate thing is that a profit organization is granted more money for scientific study and the newest technology. Tampa General Hospital is located in a urban area and the government facility is located in a rural area....
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