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HCA 210 WEEK 6 DAY 3 BERNAL CHECKPOINT My View on Health Care It is easy to assume many people have very different views on health care and health insurance. Health insurance has many purposes in health care. In my opinion, one of the main purposes is to provide care for patients who cannot afford to pay for medical expenses up front. Another hot topic in health care is whether or not there should be a limit on the amount of health care provided to the patient and if not how can we finance unlimited health care. I do not believe
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Unformatted text preview: in limiting health care for patients. I think all health care should be available to every patient no matter their income, race, job, or by any other criteria. The question was asked about how to finance health care for everyone, I personally do not think health care should cost enough for anyone to finance. To me, it is insane anyone should have to finance just so they can afford items that are necessary for their health. Everyone should have access to affordable and good health care....
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