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HCA 210 WEEK 7 DAY 5 CHECKPOINT - nearby hospital to...

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HCA 210 WEEK 7 DAY 5 BERNAL INTERVIEW A HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONAL With my interview with a person in the health care profession, I interview a person who I work with in the military. The person I chose to interview is a registered nurse. I started the interview by asking her what types of requirements are required, what type of licensing, and certifications are needed for her job. She responded by telling me she started training for her career by obtaining her bachelor’s in science degree in nursing. It took 4 years for her to get this degree. For her degree she also had to complete clinicals. Clinincals included her working at a
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Unformatted text preview: nearby hospital to receive on the job training. The next set of questions I asked her was about her scope of practice and what some of her responsibilities are. She told me her scope of practice included educating patients and the families of the patients, treating ill or injured patients and developing nursing plans to help patients. She informed me the difference between her and a nurse’s tech is that it is within her scope of practice to administer I.V fluids, perform small procedures such a stitches and removals of stitches, triage patients and give narcotic medications....
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