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HCA 210 WEEK 8 DAY 5 BERNAL CHECKPOINT ELECTRONIC MEDICAL RECORDS Today, due to the large growth in technology in the medical field, many medical facilities are realizing just how important electronic medical records are to keeping the facility more organized. Once a facility completely understands how to operate electronic and computerized medical records, there is less room for errors. I work in a medical facility that has adopted a way of electronic medical records. How it works in my facility is we have I.D cards that fit into a slot on the computer, we put in our password and then we have access to all of our patient’s medical files. We can view items such as medication lists, reasons for visits, allergies, and all the past medical history of the patient. In my opinion, I find electronic medical records extremely
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Unformatted text preview: convenient. I have had to work with paper records and they are a hassle because they are constantly getting miss placed. Also when you have a paper version of the medical record and you accidently write the wrong information it is a pain to correct it. You are not able to just push the delete button. The advantages of electronic records is they get lost a lot less often and every bit of information on the patient is just a click away. Electronic records are much safer as well. When you have paper medical records that go missing, anyone can find them, then they know all of the patient’s medical information. Disadvantages of computerized medical records are if the computer crashes, you are left to hunt for old records that have not been updated and might have the wrong information....
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