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Brittanee Bernal Week 1 Checkpoint Health Communication There are so many components that are useful in health communication but there are main components such as personal goals, process, interdependence, sensitivity, and shared meaning. The process component is one where everyone involved in healthcare is in a state of constant growing and learning. Process is where we learn why things happen the way they do. Process is a vital component because healthcare professionals need to understand the process of how things work so they can diagnose, treat, and take care of patients. I would consider sensitivity to be one of the most important components of health communication. Sensitivity is being empathetic to a patient’s condition, expectations, and feelings. Sensitivity promotes health
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Unformatted text preview: communication because it allows the patient to openly communicate with the medical professionals so they can be properly treated. Interdependence is great for health communication because it promotes all people involved working together to get everything done. In personal goals, all parties are involved such as caregivers, patients, nurses and physicians. Personal goals are important because all parties involved set goals to improve in any ways they can. Shared meaning is important in health communication because in order to communicate, every person needs to be on the same page. Shared meaning to me is mostly between the provider and the patient. They need to have the understanding of what the patient care plan is and how to obey it to achieve the ideal end result....
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