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Brittanee Bernal SCI/ 275 Checkpoint There are an endless amount of way to use energy resources to benefit the United States and the world. The video discussed several ways to develop and utilize energy resources. One of the energy sources in the video included wind generators. You can describe a wind generator and a very high pole with fan like blades at the end of it. When the wind forces the blades to rotate, this creates electricity. Europe and the United States currently utilize this system. It is providing an excellence source of energy for these countries. Solar power is the new up and coming energy resource. Solar power is activated through panels that collect sun light beams which turn gears in a generator providing energy. Mentioned as well as the previous, is producing bio fuels like ethanol. Ethanol has been used in gas since a crisis in the 70’s. Corn is the substance that makes
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Unformatted text preview: up the majority of Ethanol. As beneficial as using renewable energy sources is, there are some challenges. First, there is a lot of maintenance required for these sources. Also, the costs of repairs are high. The production of solar panels is scarce and hard to come by. A resource that should be in the video is an important one; water is a great renewable resource. Hydroelectric plants can be used with the water to move a variety of engines to create energy. One of the main issues involved with using non renewable resources is we will eventually run out, maybe not right away but it will happen. It is hard to predict when these resources will run out and to prepare for resources that will expire....
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