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SCI 275 ENERGY RESOURCE PLAN - coal oil and natural gas...

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Bernal 1 Brittanee Bernal Energy Resource Plan November 7, 2010
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Bernal 1 If I was a home owner’s association manager, I would explain why resource conservation is so important. I would start by introducing myself. The first thing I would do is to describe why energy conservation needs to be made a goal for our community. Human population relies on how much we can conserve our non renewable resources. We need energy for everyday items like lighting, heat, ac, grow, and to cook our food. In my power point I explained many ways to help do our part and conserve energy. We can unplug our appliances, use energy saving light bulbs, recycle, and carpool. These are all simple tasks that can be accomplished very easily. Non renewable resources are being expired at a rapid rate. Some non renewable resources include
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Unformatted text preview: coal, oil and natural gas. Also, non renewable resources can have harmful effects on the environment. Another easy way to control energy is to purchase energy saving appliances. This might be more costly initially but in the long run this can possibly save person money and help save the environment. The government is doing their part but we can also help. The government is now investing in energy saving science. Another way that they are contributing is by controlling the electricity companies. They are being regulated by how much they charge a person for the consumption of the amount of energy they use. I will encourage everyone in the community to participate in energy saving procedures....
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SCI 275 ENERGY RESOURCE PLAN - coal oil and natural gas...

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