Water Resource Plan - Bernal Water Resource Plan October...

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Bernal Water Resource Plan October 24, 2010 Brittanee Bernal
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There are many types of pollution our world is succumbing to. Our planet is irreplaceable. Each year together we deplete and abuse out natural resources. Exposure to unhealthy substances in our water can lead to disease and death. Pollution is a sensitive subject to many people including, Politicians, blue collar, and white collar people. The problem is that everyone wants to live in a clean environment with unlimited resources but most are not willing to change their way of life for the better of the planet. All resources including sky, water, land and everything in between is being abused. The thought that naïve people have in common is water is an unlimited resource or at least there is always clean water available, this could not be further from the truth. Water is a crucial resource that is widely being misused and abused. We would like to propose a sustainability plan that is a solution to the constant abuse and pollution of our water. Water pollution can be defined as any contamination of water with chemicals or other foreign substances that have a negative effect on human, plant, or animal health. The pollutants can range from pesticides, sewage runoff, Mercury, Lead, and Chemical waste. It is a fact that
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Water Resource Plan - Bernal Water Resource Plan October...

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